The Nintendo DSi Has Arrived In The U.S.

Posted Apr 5, 2009

As announced in late February, the Nintendo DSi has arrived today.  The new Nintendo DSi is intended to be a social and entertainment console.  The DSi has two screens with two cameras, a mic, and a way to easily share content with other DSi users.

The DSi will sell for $170 per console.  It began selling in Europe this past Friday and was available in Japan before that.  Since the DS franchise launched, Nintendo sold over 100 million units.

For those of you who are wondering what the “i” stands for.  It is because of the “I” personal aspect and with two cameras, the console has its own ?eye? on things.

When you buy a Nintendo DSi console, you will automatically be awarded 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points.  Users can buy games and other items on the Nintendo DSi Shop.  The offer is on the table until October 2009.