The Numbers Behind LinkedIn

Posted May 20, 2011

After LinkedIn went public yesterday, their stock price jumped over 100% above the initial price. Below are some of the numbers behind LinkedIn.
LinkedIn founded: 2003
# of LinkedIn users by end of 2003: 4,500
# of LinkedIn users by end of March 2011: 100 million.
# of shares LinkedIn sold in the IPO: 7.8 million.
Price LinkedIn set for IPO: $45
Price LinkedIn was going for immediately after going public: $83.
Current valuation of LinkedIn: Over $9 billion
LinkedIn Total Sales for 2010: $243 million
LinkedIn Total Profit for 2010: $15.4 million
Money earned by the company through IPO: $350 million
Estimated 2011 LinkedIn Revenue: $500 million
LinkedIn profit expectations for 2011: $0