The Perfect Mailbox For Poindexters

Posted Apr 2, 2009

I know some of you nerds out there sometimes love to show off your geekiness. You have some of the most ridiculous PC mods and you make fun of people that are bad at Dungeons & Dragons. Well here is something else for you to enhance you geekiness. Now you can show off to your postman or postwoman that you are a geek with this Computer Mailbox.

The Computer Mailbox is being sold for $230 at MorganHomeAccents. You ubergeeks out there should not only purchase this mailbox computer but also paint your operating system of choice over the default black screen. And you super uber-geeks out there should take it a step further by having a sound play every time the mailbox opens saying “You’ve got mail!” I’m sure Mr. Postman would appreciate that one.

[via Nerd Approved]