The Perfect Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Add-On Setup

Posted Mar 7, 2007

I finally concocted the perfect mix of Firefox 2.0 add-ons including themes, plug-ins, and toolbars.

First is selecting a theme that is aesthetic and also complies with the text color of other toolbars. Rhetorically speaking, how cool does this theme look [screen show below]! The Firefox theme is called Metal Lion – Vista and is available for download [here]

[The scrollbars look like iTunes and the navigational scheme looks like Internet Explorer 7.0]

Secondly, there is a plugin called the Tab Effect which was Life Hackers’ Download of the Day on January 11, 2007. Here is a sample image of switching between tabs from the Mozilla web site:

And lastly are the toolbars…

Make sure to get the Google Toolbar, FoxyTunes Toolbar, and Facebook Toolbar. I used to have the Compete Toolbar, but uninstalled it because of its interference with Google search results. And also because the Alexa Toolbar is only supported for Internet Explorer, the alternative for Firefox is Quirkbiz’s SearchStatus which displays the Alexa and Google PageRank information at the bottom-right.

There you have it, folks. Firefox can’t get any better when you have those add-ons.