The Pope Benedict XVI Now Has A Twitter Account

Posted Dec 3, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI now officially has a Twitter account with the user name @Pontifex.  Reuters reported that the Vatican announced the Twitter account this morning.  As of 9AM EST not one tweet has been sent out from the account, but the account has over 55,000 followers.  Pontifex means “pope” and “bridge builder” stated Greg Burke, the senior media adviser to the Vatican.


The pope wants to reach out to everyone.”  All of the words that will appear on the account will be from the Pope himself even though he will not be typing it on his own.

The tweets will be in 8 languages and his first tweets will start on December 12th, which is the feast of the Madonna of Guadalupe as a Q&A.  He will answer the questions with the hashtags #askpontifex.