The rapid growth of the application performance management (APM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) market (sponsored)

Posted Feb 26, 2014

The application performance management (APM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is experiencing a period of rapid growth and innovation. Some of the services that the leading APM SaaS vendors offer include usage monitoring, analytics, and dependency mapping capabilities.

Buyers of APM services are becoming increasingly diverse. Application developers, IT departments, development operations, and business analysts are driving the demand of APM vendor evaluation and purchasing. The impact that application performance management has on productivity is the biggest driver of the investment made in these types of services.

Application performance management revolves around the monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing of the performance and health of business applications in production environments that supports live end-user transactions in cloud environments.

APM SaaS services entered the IT industry over ten years ago and is constantly evolving. Back then, companies had monitoring services for websites and applications to ping URLs and report the responses to predefined scripts. These models are still used, but several APM SaaS companies are now offering real-time end-user experience monitoring across a wide range of mobile devices and web browsers. And customers are demanding access to a full range of functionality from a single and intuitive graphical interface.

One of the leaders in the APM SaaS market is New Relic has grown rapidly over the last six years. The company offers agent-based APM solutions through an SaaS model. New Relic originally started out by offering APM services for developers that worked on Ruby-on-Rails platforms. The company expanded into end-to-end monitoring services for IT and development teams that supported other development platforms like PHP, Python, Java, and .NET.

Some of New Relic’s services include: business transaction monitoring, real user monitoring, database response times, application response times, cross-tier application tracing, thread profiling, HTTP reporting, mobile app activity, and topology performance mapping.

New Relic encourages third parties to write plugins that monitor other technologies through the New Relic Platform. Almost 100 plugins have been published by their partner community including Microsoft Azure, Rackspace,, and

New Relic has nearly 20,000 paying customers for their standard and PRO packages. Nearly 35,000 customers use New Relic’s Lite service option. New Relic captures around 150 billion metrics every day from millions of apps. is one of New Relic’s most notable clients. New Relic helped the website identify areas where people were having trouble logging in due to an issue in the identity management system.

This month, New Relic announced that they were expanding to Europe by opening an office in Dublin, Ireland. According to VentureBeat, around 50 employees will be working from the company’s Ireland offices.

As enterprises become flooded with data through the rise of social media and multimedia, the ability to analyze information will become a key competitive differentiator. This is one of the reasons why application performance management will become a number one priority for IT teams this year.

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