The SanDisk Extreme microSDXC Is One Speedy Memory Chip

Posted Jul 9, 2013

Yesterday we reported that the SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 was one of the fastest and most affordable flash drives.  Today we would like to report that SanDisk recently revealed the Extreme microSDXC memory chip.  The Extreme microSDXC offers up to 64GB of mobile storage with transfer rates that are up to 80 MB/second.  The new memory cards are intended for smartphones and cameras that want to shoot Full HD video.   The Extreme microSDXC can read at up to 80 MB/second and can write up to 50 MB/second.

The Extreme microSDXC has UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) compliance.  U1 is the highest speed of it’s standard with a theoretical maximum of 104 MB per second.  U2 is actually being developed as you read this, which will be as fast as 312 MB/second.  As smartphones start moving towards having Ultra HD 4K video recording as a standard, the faster speeds will be necessary.

According to SlashGear, there is a microSD card adapter that comes with the Extreme microSDXC to use it in a regular SD slot.  SanDisk said that the Extreme microSDXC is waterproof, x-ray proof, and is resilient against knocks.

The Extreme microSDXC has sizes of 16GB ($59.99) to 64GB ($199.99).