The “SeenThis?” App On Facebook Is Good, But Still Buggy

Posted Jan 31, 2008

Loomia Inc. put together an application on Facebook that shares the news stories that users have read on certain publications, most notably, The Wall Street Journal.  The application is supposed to display what other friends and groups read the same articles that another user has.  This is a great concept, but the application is still somewhat buggy.

Below is a screen shot of what the application looks like on my Facebook profile page.

In the above screen shot, I have not read any of listed stories, but it still shows up anyway.  Referring to the above screenshot, the application is supposed to show how many friends, groups, and people in my network have read those same stories.  Those links are all broken.  But when you click on “Click to see more popular articles,” a new page will load and the application appears to be running better there.  See below the below screen shot:

I clicked on the groups link for the MySpace related article and found that the article was popular among 4 groups that I’m a part of on Facebook.  So the application is doing something right, but I’d like to see it populate the articles I read so I can show it off in my profile page.  Not have random articles appear.

Other partners involved with the SeenThis? application includes NBC Universal and CNET.  NBC wants to have this app track what users are watching on their site and having the application show the users’ friends what he or she watched.  I think this is a better use of the application especially since the user is opting in.