The Sexual Harassment Letter That Got Mark Hurd Fired

Posted Dec 30, 2011

This past August former HP CEO Mark Hurd stepped down from the company after he was caught sending a sexual harassment letter. Hurd had a personal relationship with contractor Jodie Fisher, who had worked at HP as a greeter and hostess at company events. Hurd currently works at Oracle Corporation as a co-president and Meg Whitman has replaced him at Hewlett Packard. AllThingsD got their hands on the letter that attorney Gloria Allred wrote to Hurd on behalf of Jodie Fisher. I have embedded the letter below.

?It is appalling that you would use HP revenues for the purpose of procuring female companionship and romance under the guise of HP business,? states the letter. However Oracle spokesperson Ken Glueck said that ?This letter was recanted by Ms. Fisher. She admitted it was full of inaccuracies.?

Hurd started pursuing Fisher in 2007, but ended up backing off as she started to voice discomfort with the situation. Fisher was paid $30,000 to be a hostess at 6 HP events. In October 2007, Hurd and Fisher had dinner together after an HP event and he invited her up to his room. A distraught Fisher called her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor to get advice before going up to Hurd’s room.

Fisher went up to Hurd’s room and insisted that they do not sleep together. She said “I barely know you and you are my boss.” Hurd sent Fisher a letter saying that he was “doing all the work” in their relationship, but Fisher said she was not interested in him romantically. Hurd kissed Fisher on the lips and walked away at one point. Below are the letters:
Allred Letter Redacted New