The Sony Bravia Smart Stick Is A Dongle That Powers Google TV

Posted Sep 14, 2013

Sony has announced a new gadget called the Bravia Smart Stick.  The Bravia Smart Stick dongle is a Google TV upgrade for Sony’s smart-television sets.  When the Sony Bravia Stick is plugged into a Sony TV, the Smart Stick adds standard Google TV features to your TV, such as void control, web browsing on Chrome, cable integration, and satellite integration.

Sony is integrating their own apps into the dongle rather than just Google TV.  Some of the pre-installed apps that are built into the Bravia Smart Stick includes Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Pandora, and YouTube.  More apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

The Smart Stick also has a picture-and-picture feature so that users can watch TV and browse other apps at the same time.  It is unknown whether the dongle will work with non-Sony television sets.

[Source: The Verge]