The Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player Is Coming This Summer For $699

Posted Apr 8, 2013

The Sony FMP-X1 is a 4K media player that was announced at the NAB 2013 and is coming this summer with a price of $699.  The FMP-X1 looks similar to a hockey puck and comes bundled with 10 movies including Bad Teacher, The Bridge on the River KwaiSaltThat’s My Boy, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Other Guys.  Sony is offering existing owners of the 84-inch XBR-TV a way to exchange their home servers for the FMP-X1 player.  This is good news for the XBR-TV since the price tag does not sound very appealing.

Unfortunately Sony said that the FMP-X1 owners will have to wait until the fall to get paid 4K movie downloads.  As of right now, the paid movies that will be available includes films from Sony Pictures.  Sony did not specify what other movies will be available from their “other notable production” partners.