The Streamweaver App Lets You Create Videos With Multiple Angles In A Single-Split Screen Video

Posted Oct 9, 2012

Streamweaver is a multi-angle mobile video application company where consumers can record videos together with their friends and then group them together so that people that watch the video can see what happens in multiple angles simultaneously in a single split-screen video.

?We call it split-screen synchronicity and we deliver it in a beautiful mobile video app that is social from the moment you tap record,? stated Streamweaver CEO and co-founder Erik Carlson. ?We all have different perspectives of any given event. With Streamweaver, we set out to connect perspectives and give consumers the thrill of seeing what they did not see ? the other sides of the story ? all in sync with their own.?

Since almost all new smartphones are shipped with high-quality cameras, it has become easy to capture and share videos.  Consumers can connect through the Streamweaver app and invite them to record together wherever they are and see their status while recording.  Consumer can record solo, but if they want to record with friends, Streamweaver gives them control with whom they record with and how they share the content.

Some of the features in the Streamweaver app include an intuitive interface, the ability to connect with friends through Facebook and contacts, the ability to record together even if they are far apar, and easy upload to the cloud.  Each friend can record up to 60 seconds of time.

Streamweaver has received seed funding from two Nashville, Tennessee based companies called Tennessee Community Ventures Fund and Mountain Group Capital.  The Streamweaver app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store now.