The Tata Nano Car Will Be Coming To The U.S.

Posted Oct 17, 2012

When driving down Interstate 75 in Auburn Hills, Michigan, you will notice that there is a banner on the Chrysler building that says “Imported From Detroit.”  Chrysler cars are exported all over the world, but now India-based automotive and consulting conglomerate Tata wants to send their cars to the United States.  Given that my parents and family immigrated here from India, never would I have expected that importing vehicles from a third world country would be possible.

But Ratan Tata keeps pushing the enveloped when it comes to his automotive brand.  Tata built the Tata Nano mini-car which retails for $2,500 back in 2009.  Tata has redesigned the $3,000 Nano minicar for release in the United States within the next 3 years according to Automotive News.

The egg-shaped four seater Nano car has had a few issues in the past.  Like the Nano had an issue where it burst into flames and it also had slow sales after its release.  The car also lacks features like heating and a cup holder.  But they are pushing the car to meet American and European standards in the next few years.

Ratan Tata said that the new features in the made-for-America vehicle will have power steering, traction control, a bigger engine, and “more bells and whistles.”  The new Nano Tata would end up costing around $8,000, which is still less than the Nissan Versa and the Hyundai Accent.

“The Smart and the Fiat 500 have high sticker prices, and people buy them because they are small cars,” said Tata in an interview with Automotive News.  “But everyone knows you put a lot of money into it. We hope that the sub-$10,000 car has appeal.”