The Verdict Against The Google Employees In Italy Makes No Sense

Posted Feb 24, 2010

In Turin, Italy a video was uploaded where a bunch of bullies picked on an austic child.  The video was uploaded to Google Video.  Once Google found out about the video, the company removed it and worked with local authorities to track down the bullies.  A Milan based public prosecutor indicted four Google employees because of the video.  The four Google employees had nothing to do with the video. David Drummond, Arvind Desikan, Peter Fleischer, and George Reyes were charged with criminal defamation and failure to comply with the Italian privacy code.

Three out of the four employees were charged with failure to comply with Italian privacy code, but were found not guilty of criminal defamation.  Google plans to appeal the case, but the actual verdict seems astonishing. Does this mean that user generated content is not welcome in Italy? If someone is breaking the law in a photo and it gets uploaded to Facebook, then Mark Zuckerberg should be responsible for it? What is the logic here? [Google Blog]