The Verge Hires Greg Sandoval, The CNET Writer That Resigned In Protest

Posted Feb 4, 2013

Popular tech blog The Verge has hired Greg Sandoval, a CNET senior writer that resigned in protest when CBS interfered with their editorial coverage last month. CBS, the parent company of CNET, is battling with DISH Network over the legality of the Hopper digital video recorder device. The Hopper lets users automatically skip ads on prime-time network TV shows.

Sandoval said that he had received a ?written guarantee from management that nobody from the business side of the company will ever have any authority over my stories.? He added ?Long before I arrived, The Verge committed itself to editorial independence.?

The Verge is a technology news website that is slightly over a year old. ¬†The website is owned by Vox Media, a company that also runs websites like SB Nation and Polygon. ¬†Joshua Topolsky quit AOL’s to start The Verge and other Engadget editors followed him to the new website.

CBS had required CNET staff to exclude the Hopper from receiving any awards during the coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show. Sandoval had announced his resignation through Twitter.

?CNET is not going to give an award or any other validation to a product which CBS is challenging as illegal, other networks believe to be illegal and one court has already found to violate the copyright act in its application. Beyond that, CNET will cover every other product and service on the planet,? said CBS in a statement. CBS insisted that this was a one-time incident.

The Consumer Electronics Show cut their ties with CNET and had reinstated the Hopper as the “Best In Show” award.