The VIA Android PC Is Only $49

Posted May 23, 2012

VIA is a Taiwanese hardware company that has announced a new device called the Android PC System (APC). The APC is a seven-inch ARM board that ships a custom version of the Android mobile operating system. The device will be available starting this July. Below is a list of the specs for the APC:

– 512MB of RAM
– 2GB flash storage
– VGA/HDMI video outputs
– Speaker
– Microphone jacks
– microSD slot
– 4 USB ports
– Ethernet port
– Hardware-accelerated video decoding

The board consumers only 4 watts when idle and 13.5 watts under maximum load.

Another company known for developing a low-cost computer is the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi partnered with two manufacturers, but struggled to meet the demand for the product. The VIA computer will ship as a bare board without a case. The board measures 7 x 3.5 inches. The software environment is based on Android 2.3, but works better with a keyboard and mouse input. Compared to the Raspberry Pi, the APC has more USB ports and twice as much RAM.