The Vizio Tablet PC Is The Company’s First Windows 8 Tablet

Posted Jan 6, 2013

Vizio is a private company based in Irvine, California.  The company started in October 2002 and was known as V Inc.  Vizio works closely with Taiwan-based AmTran Technology, a company that has a 23% stake in the company.  Vizio started making PCs last year and they have just announced their first Windows 8 tablet known as the Vizio Tablet PC.  The Vizio Tablet PC is an 11.6-inch tablet that has a dual-core 1GHz AMD Z60 chip, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD, 2-megapixel front camera, micro-HDMI ports, and microUSB ports.  The tablet has a 1080p display and a Microsoft Signature installation.  No word on price and availability yet.