The Walking House Is A Very Bizarre Concept

Posted Mar 27, 2009

Sometimes you have cognitive dissonance after you purchased a home.  “Damnit, I wished I moved to the other side of town instead.”  The Walking House by N55 laughs at problems like those.  The Walking House is a dwelling that moves slowly around landscape with minimal damage to the environment.  In the photo above, you will notice a man enjoying the view from the living room of The Walking House.

The Walking House uses a system to collect rain water and to collect solar heat to produce hot water.  The Walking House has a composting toilet system that allows sewage produced by the tenants to be disposed of.  To cook food, the Walking House has a wood burning stove.

If you get too lonely living in a Walking House, there is also a Walking Villages concept where several Walking Houses are connected.  Below are additional specifications about The Walking House:
– Height: 3.5 meters
– Width: 3.5 meters
– Max speed: 60 meters per hour
– Plating and framework wood and plywood
– 12 linear actuators
– Solar panels
– Micro windmills
– Polycarbonate plates
– Interior equipment

Check out the photo gallery below to see what the Walking Village would look like and see other rooms in The Walking House.

[via Dvice/N55]