The War Of The Maps App Between Google and Apple

Posted Jun 5, 2012

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google Maps on mobile devices will be removed later this year and will be replaced with their own in-house mapping application. According to sources with the WSJ, Apple could demo the new map application next week at the WWDC conference. The Google Maps app has been the default map app on the iPhone since 2007. Apple believes that they could sell more mobile devices by differentiating their mapping feature from the one that is on Google Android. The Google Maps app on Android is more sophisticated on Android than it is on the iPhone. Apple believes that by developing their own mapping application, developers would be more encouraged to build more original map-related apps. Knowing that Apple is going to get rid of the Google Maps application on the iPhone, Google has announced a news conference on June 6 to unveil “the next dimension of Google Maps.”