The Washington Post Rumored To Be Hiring Tech Team At Digg

Posted May 1, 2012

There has been a rumor that Digg is being acquired by The Washington Post. However it turns out that The Washington Post is poaching a lot of talent from Digg’s technology team. The morale at the company has been low ever since Digg founder Kevin Rose left the company to start Milk. Milk was acquired by Google and Rose is now employed at the search engine company. The Washington Post is planning to place the new hires alongside the people that built The Washington Post Social Reader Facebook application.

Digg will not shut down after the tech talent is hired. Digg’s management team will try to figure out how to take advantage of the brand and the traffic. Digg has been looking for a buyer for the last few months. Digg was rumored to be in acquisition talks with Digg a few years ago, but that deal fell through. Will someone buy Digg? Very likely. For a price that they could have gotten several years ago? Nope.