The Washington Post Subsidiary SocialCode Hires 15 Digg Employees

Posted May 10, 2012

SocialCode is a social media advertising company and subsidiary of The Washington Post Co. SocialCode has announced that they have hired 15 employees from Digg was one of the most popular Silicon Valley companies where millions of people voted on the top news stories every day. They have declined in the last few years because of poor redesigns and constant unpopular changes. Many of their users flocked to Reddit or Twitter to distribute news to their friends.

Digg downsized their staff from 67 employees to 42 in 2010. In March 2011, Digg founder Kevin Rose left the company and now works for Google. Earlier this month, I wrote a post about how The Washington Post is rumored to be hiring the tech team at Digg and it turns out that was true.

It was rumored that the Digg tech team would be joining The Washington Post Company’s WaPo Labs, known for creating products like Trove and The Washington Post’s Social Reader app for Facebook. Instead the time will join the ad consulting firm, which helps companies find ways to promote their goods and services on Facebook and Twitter.

SocialCode launched in January 2011. They have not acquired the domain, service, or technology. Former Digg VP of ad products Alan Lippman will become chief scientist at SocialCode. Former Digg software developer Will Larson will become SocialCode’s director of engineering.

“This agreement marks the first of many planned moves, fueling SocialCode?s commitment to innovation and delivering leading-edge solutions to our clients,” stated SocialCode chief executive Laura O?Shaughnessy.

“At Digg, we have been studying social media since its inception,” wrote Digg CEO Matt Williams. “From Digg Social Reader to Digg Ads, we established a new paradigm for content and advertising on the web.” He added that having engineers move to SocialCode “felt like a natural next step.”