The Weather Channel Now Uses Tweets in Weather Reports

Posted Aug 13, 2011

The Weather Channel has teamed with Twitter to launch a program called The Weather Channel Social, which combines weather-related tweets to TWC’s various properties. The tv channel, website and iPhone app now display local weather commentary from Twitter, which GigaOM reports is curated to cut out inappropriate language.

The Weather Channel Social runs with the help of technology from Wiredset that analyses tweets to pull what’s actually weather-related and relevant. Tweets about average weather happen at a rate of about 200 tweets per minute, but Twitter says that “significant weather events” can raise that rate to up to 2 million tweets a day. As you can see from the tweets in this screen shot, the analysis isn’t perfect yet, but I snapped that during a day of average weather. During a thunderstorm or a heat wave it’s sure to work better.