The World Will Follow London’s 2012 Olympics Via Olympians’ Tweets

Posted Jun 27, 2011

The Olympic Committee has produced new rules for the distribution of information from the inhabitants of the Olympic Village?yes, Olympic athletes are allowed to tweet during the events. Reuters reports that participants in London’s 2012 Olympics are allowed to tweet as long as they aren’t vulgar, or doing so for commercial purposes. The IOC even warns that obscene social media could get athletes kicked out of the games. Athletes are asked to restrict their tweeting and blogging to “first-person, diary-type formats.”

Athletes at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing were not allowed to post videos or photos on social media, to avoid copyright issues, but the London 2012 participants are allowed to post personal photos from within the Olympic Venues. As dictated by the IOC, posting audio and video recorded in Olympic Venues is still against the rules. As long as Olympians do not act as journalists, speak politically or advertise anything, they can blog and tweet freely. Photos taken within the Olympic Village require permission from those pictured before they can be posted, but you can bet that there will be plenty of permission and plenty of behind-the-scenes photos.