The Xbox One No Longer Requires The Kinect To Operate

Posted Aug 14, 2013

Microsoft Corporation has shifted another requirement for the Xbox One.  Microsoft is no longer going to require the Kinect motion sensor in order for the Xbox One to work.  Microsoft has been consistently changing around some of the game and online policies for the Xbox One in order to get it right in time for the console’s release date.

The Xbox One was originally supposed to have a deeper integration of the Kinect and allow users to turn it on using vocal commands.  There was a consumer backlash because they feared that the Kinect would be “always-on.”  Privacy concerns were very high because of this.

The Xbox One was announced this past May.  One of the changes is that Microsoft removed authenticity checks that are required to play video games offline and restrictions about what players can do with the video games after buying them.  Microsoft backtracked on these policy changes in June.  The Xbox will cost $499 while the PlayStation 4 will cost $399.

[Source: IGN]