Theodore Karantsalis Drops $70.50 Lawsuit Against Facebook

Posted May 30, 2009

Theodore Karantsalis (pictured above) decided to sue Facebook for $70.50 last week. He claimed that Facebook failed to protect users from viruses. He based the dollar amount figure based on having to re-add friends.

Karantsalis wanted to sue Facebook for having to re-add 250 friends that were removed at a value of $0.30 each. Karantsalis is a librarian that lives in Florida.

“I spoke with FB’s law department and the case has been resolved,” stated Karantsalis in an e-mail. “I will file the attached Notice of Dismissal tomorrow. We agreed to add each other as ‘friends’ and ‘poke’ each other periodically. Also, FB is going to send me a T-shirt and I’m going to wear it in my profile photo.”

Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt was a bit baffled by the whole situation:
“We’re very interested to hear how he came up with the figure of $70.50,” wrote Schnitt before the issue was resolved. “He’s not going to get it but we promise to refund all the money he paid to use Facebook. Seriously, we’re glad to know how important Facebook is to Mr. Karantsalis but his account was not disabled, is currently active, and he is using it, so I’m not sure what the problem is.”

Karantsalis said that his account was renamed to John Doe and a spam message containing malware was sent out to his friends with a link that had a URL domain name “.im.” Karantsalis said that he did not fall for a phishing scam on the social network so he did not know how this could have happened. At the Miami Dade College, Karantsalis teaches courses on safe computing practices.

The lawsuit was filed to get their attention because Facebook did not answer any e-mails or phone calls.