Theodore Schroeder Suing Pinterest For Supposedly Stealing His Ideas

Posted Dec 29, 2012

Theodore F. Schroeder has filed a lawsuit against Pinterest for claiming that the founder of the company stole his idea.  The lawsuit was also filed against one of Pinterest’s early investor Brian Cohen.  Schroeder worked with Cohen on a project, but the two had a falling out.  Supposedly Cohen gave Schroeder’s ideas away and they were implemented in Pinterest.

Schroeder and Cohen partnered on a project called Rendezvoo in 2007 and 2008.  Later on they partnered on a project called Skoopwire.  Cohen decided to cancel the Pinterest-like ideas that were going to be put into Rendezvoo.  Cohen invested in Pinterest, which allegedly has some of Schroeder’s ideas implemented in them.  Pinterest said that this lawsuit is baseless and it will be “aggressively fought.”  More on this story as it develops.

[Source: SlashGear]