Gets A Redesign With An Emphasis On “Carrot” Campaigns

Posted Aug 12, 2008 has recently upgraded their site after being 8 months in Beta mode. The Point is a site where users can organize fundraisers, rallies, boycotts, etc. The Point has expanded the tools available on their site including a feature called “carrot” campaigns. The Point also will be offering a widget where individuals can embed on social networks, blogs, etc. to showcase which events they plan on attending.

“Carrot” campaigns are when users power positive persuasion for certain targets to meet terms. An example is a major shoe company moving factories back to the U.S. Another example is when the first elected official introduces a bill to Congress.

?Carrot campaigns are Petitions 2.0,? stated ThePoint CEO and Founder Andrew Mason. ?No one puts much stock in petitions on the Web because they don?t feel credible. Carrot campaigns solve that problem by backing demands with a real promise of money or action. It shows the campaign target how the group?s objective is in everyone?s best interest.?

Here is a sample campaign called Bono – retire from public life and we’ll donate a ton of money to fight AIDS. The Point was started in November 2007.

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