There Is A Shortage Of The Microsoft Kinect

Posted Dec 8, 2010

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) sold over 2.5 million units of the Xbox 360 Kinect controller in less than a month. Now it looks like the demand is outweighing supply. This was confirmed by Microsoft general manager for Xbox UK and Ireland Neil Thompson. He confirmed that the shortages are real and it is not a ploy to build hype.

?The choices you always have are: do we launch in November or do we wait until February, March when we could hit some bigger launch numbers but then we miss Christmas. It takes time to scale,? said Thompson in an interview with ?It?s absolutely not a strategy, we want to get the product into consumers hands as quickly as we can because we think it?s exciting, it?s innovative. We wanted to do that for Christmas and that?s what we?ve done. We?ve built a really strong supply and resupply chain over the coming weeks.?