These Valet Drivers Are Worse Than The Ones In Ferris Bueller [VIDEO]

Posted Dec 22, 2009

Several valet drivers at a Hyatt Hotel in downtown St. Louis, Missouri actually filmed and uploaded a video of themselves abusing cars. The video includes flooring the accelerator while the car is in park, drifting vehicles, and doing donuts. The owners had no idea that their cars were being abused after dropping it off at the hotel.

“I’m not freaking out about it, but it isn’t that funny,” stated Kyle O’Brien, one of the car owners. “I would just think a valet service at a nice hotel would have to have more responsibility.” The Hyatt Hotel general manager confirmed this did take place in his hotel and said that the valet company has been fired. AAA Valet in Atlanta, Georgia is the company behind the car abuse.

O’Brien said that he stayed at the Hyatt for only one night. When he got his Dodge vehicle back, the valet driver asked him if his car was for sale. The valet driver also said that he had nice tires. Then O’Brien said he noticed his car was driving funny and had to replace the spark plugs. Below is the video of the valet drivers.