thesixtyone: An Impressive Music Site

Posted Jan 3, 2008

Every once in a while, a new web interface will appear that stands out as one of the great.  thesixtyone is one of those.  Without even registering I can listen to music performed by indie bands.  Thesixtyone is “a music discovery game that rewards those who help others listen to good new music.”

Another noticeable feature of thesixtyone is that when listening to music, a visitor can navigate to anywhere else on the page without the song turning off.   Yahoo! Music,take notes.

Genres included on thesixtyone are acoustic, alternative, blues, classical, country, dance, electronic, hip-hop, instrumental, jazz, metal, pop, r&b, rock, and vocal. Songs are displayed on the homepage are hot (voted up), new (by post date), Hall of Famers, and the rack (random).

Thesixtyone was founded by James Miao and Samuel Hsiung.  The web site is named after Highway 61, a 1,400 mile highway that starts at New Orleans, Louisiana and ends at Wyoming, Minnesota.  Thesixtyone currently depends on donations.