E-Mail Inbox Organization Service theSwizzle.com Launches iOS App

Posted Nov 18, 2013

theSwizzle.com is a free e-mail organizer that helps consumers unsubscribe from e-mails that are unwanted and manage the ones that they do want.  theSwizzle has announced that they have launched a mobile app on iOS today.  The app is an extension of theSwizzle’s online platform.  theSwizzle gives users the ability to better manage overloaded inboxes.  “theSwizzle Sweeper” users can sweep their inboxes and remove unwanted commercial e-mails in a few seconds.

When a user downloads the theSwizzle app, they just need to input their e-mail address.  theSwizzle app produces a list of every consumer e-mail that they are subscribed to.  Through a single tap, users can unsubscribe from as many subscriptions as they wish or add e-mails to a “Daily Digest.”  The Daily Digest compiles consumer e-mails into one daily report.

?theSwizzle team is thrilled to announce the official launch of theSwizzle app. We have spent the last year perfecting our product to provide a platform that cleans up the current disorganized state of email,? stated MaryAnn Bekkedahl, President and Co-Founder of theSwizzle.  ?As email interaction continues to move toward mobile, we believe this app will provide unique features that allows our users to keep their inboxes under control.?

Around 97% of smartphone owners use their device for reading e-mail, which is a higher percentage than those who use it for making calls. Dealing with e-mails constantly can get stressful.  theSwizzle helps users deal with that stress.

You can download the theSwizzle from on iTunes at this link.