Thieves In Japan Get Are The First To Get The iPhone 5

Posted Sep 21, 2012

Before any other consumer could got their hands on the iPhone 5 this morning, a group of thieves in Japan were able to get their hands on the smartphone beforehand.  Police in Osaka said that 191 Apple iPhone 5 smartphones were stolen in the early hours leading to the launch.  As of Friday at noon, three stores in Japan were hit with the robbery.  About 33 iPhone 5 smartphones were missing from one KDDI au brand shops in Ibaraki city.

Japanese police checked out the outlet after residents called before 3AM saying that they saw 3 men looking around the store.  Those men and the phones have not been found yet.  At the time of the robbery, there was no one lined up outside the store.

Around 2 hours later, a Softbank Corp store in western Osaka saw all of their iPhone 5 smartphones stolen.  All 116 smartphones including one store display was taken.  They were taken from a locked backroom within a four minute span at 4:24AM.

The video recording showed three men and police are uncertain whether that incident was related to the robbery that took place in Ibaraki.  The store manager called the police at 7:45AM when he arrived at the store.  He found out that the lock at the store was ripped open.  The value of the goods was totaled around ¥7.45 million (around $95,305 U.S.).  The store did not end up opening on Friday.

Another au store near by was broken into at 2:30AM where 42 iPhone 5 smartphones were taken.  Only 2 were left behind in that store.  Police were uncertain if the burglars at the other 2 stores were associated with this one.