Things To Be Thankful For In Tech This Year

Posted Nov 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

As a blogger and reviewer, I am constantly judging things that are happening in the tech world. There is constant criticism (whether constructive or not) in the blogosphere for technology companies. But for now I’ll list some of the things I’m thankful for in the tech.

1.) Pulse 2.0 Review Requests and Partnerships: Its quite obvious that I want to grow the hell out of this blog and raise awareness of it from Silicon Valley to Tokyo. Startup entrepreneurs and corporations are constantly e-mailing us review requests and press releases for the past year we’ve been around. We’ve also began partnering with other companies like Text Link Ads for revenue and with Mashable for the Open Web Awards. If it wasn’t for our requests, partnerships, and other web 2.0 blogs, we wouldn’t be around. Wired Magazine, GigaOM, TechCrunch, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, and paidContent all wrote the book on how to make Web 2.0 readers happy. Pulse 2.0 is simply taking pages out of their books.

2.) The iPhone: I do not own one, but the phone has raised the bar on what we expect from phones. We want our phone to be fully capable of holding many gigabytes of music, photos, movies, etc.

3.) Windows Vista: Yeah, I said it. Some may complain that the operating system lacks innovation and has its fair share of bugs. But keeping the same look & feel as Windows XP and Windows 2000 is a good thing. Its because of consumers like me that are resistant to lots of change that keeps Windows operating systems selling. I’ve been using a PC for the last 16 years and have no complaints.

4.) Twitter: I recently started using Twitter and now I cannot get enough of it. For some odd reason, I really have to get out there and tell everyone what I’m doing or what I think is interesting.

5.) Facebook unlimited photo upload: I started using Facebook in 2003 when I started to hate how slow Friendster was becoming.

In 2004, my cousin who works as a Software Design Engineer in Test asked me whether I think Facebook will actually really take off. And I told him that I think the primary driver for Facebook’s success is the tagging and unlimited photo upload feature. Who would’ve thunken that his employer would buy 1.6% of the social network for $240 mill 3 years later?

To this day, I still think that this is the only driver for Facebook’s success. If they ever removed this feature, I believe that 95% of Facebook users would stop the social network. Just for the record, I have 85 albums uploaded and am tagged in 1,295 pictures.

6.) Netvibes: If it wasn’t for this RSS reader, I wouldn’t be able to find interesting content to publish as fast as I can right now.

7.) WordPress: Pulse 2.0’s open source blogging platform.

8.) The Pulse 2.0 Team: Keeps me motivated to keep makin’ moves.

9.) Viral Videos on YouTube: If it wasn’t for YouTube, I wouldn’t be glued to my computer as much. There is so much viral content that keeps me coming back for more. For example, every so often I have to watch the OK Go – Here It Goes Again video on YouTube to keep me awake. Its just so damn catchy!

10.) VC funding deals, advertising brokerage, The Fed, and investment banking companies: Keeps everyone in line to produce something useful for the purpose of making money. The early 2000s were traumatic with the NASDAQ crash and with 9/11.  Alan Greenspan said in his recent book that he expected a total economic collapse after 9/11, but America saw a quick recovery.

Things could have been much worse for America, but we rose from the ashes like a phoenix once again and proved that we’re a country that is chock-full of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. *cue Team America theme song*

Fatten yourself up nicely today. But don’t forget, its a great day to be thankful.