This iPod Is Better Than Purifying Yourself In The Waters Of Lake Minnetonka

Posted Apr 13, 2009

Every time I think of Prince, I cannot help but think of the Charlie Murphy skit from The Dave Chappelle Show. Prince seems himself as being a premium brand because the Party Like It’s 1999 singer is selling a premium iPod with his symbol on it. The Prince Opus iPod is selling as part of an rare kit which also includes a book of Prince pictures from Kraken Opus. The Prince Opus iPod Touch also comes preloaded wth 40 minutes of exclusive footage of the Indigo Nights soundtrack.

The Prince Opus iPod Touch is painted in purple and silver and costs $2,100. About 950 of these kits are available. At a price like that, using this iPod Touch must feel better than purifying yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

[via Engadget]