This Is Likely The First Vine Resume

Posted Feb 22, 2013

Last month Twitter announced a new product called Vine.  The Vine application allows users to create 6-second video clips grabbed from smartphones.  Dawn Siff has found a creative way to use Vine in the form of a resume.  Siff’s video is believed to be the world’s first Vine resume.  The text in her Vine video says “Idea machine Dawn Siff. Journalist. Strategist. Manager. Deadline Jedi.”

Siff has 15 years of experience at places Dow Jones and Fox News Radio.  As a strategist, she shows herself holding a Rubik’s Cube and the Jedi part of her resume shows her holding a Light Saber.  Siff created the Vine video as part of a Social Media Week panel that was put together by The Daily Muse.  Siff has gotten a few job leads since the Vine video went up.

Check out Siff’s video below: