This thief was caught after logging into his Facebook account while robbing a home

Posted Jun 24, 2014

We put this one in the hall of shame. This 26-year-old man landed in jail after logging into his Facebook account during a home robbery, according to CBS.┬áNicholas Wig broke into a home in Minnesota where he stole credit cards, cash, and a watch. He logged into Facebook at the home, but forgot to log off. After the owners of the home returned, they found their house was broken into. When the owner of the home opened his computer, he noticed that it was someone else’s profile that was logged in. He left comments on Wig’s Facebook profile. Wig got in touch and promised to return the things he took. When Wig started to walk up to the home to return the items, the homeowner called the police to arrest him. Check out the video coverage of the news below: