This Week’s Upcoming Tech Earnings Reports

Posted Jul 20, 2009

Chipmakers AMD and Texas Instruments announce their earnings this week. Positive numbers from them mean that demand for devices that use their chips is increasing. Their chips are used in everything from cell phones to televisions and calculators. Strong demand means that market conditions are easing.

Amazon will also announce their earnings this week. The company beat all expectations for earnings and revenue last quarter. Good Amazon numbers can mean that consumers are spending more money online.

Yahoo will also post earnings this week. Good numbers from Yahoo mean that the online advertising market is improving.

The big one this week is Apple. Everyone will be looking at iPhone sales here.

Ebay is another tech giant to announce their earnings this week. eBay’s owns PayPal, the largest online payment processor. Strong eBay and PayPal numbers are also a good indicator of current economic conditions.

Microsoft will also be announcing its earnings this week.