Thomson Reuters integrates Twitter and news sentiment analysis to Thomson Reuters Eikon

Posted Feb 3, 2014

Thomson Reuters is added news sentiment data and sentiment analysis of Twitter feeds to help financial professionals gain insight on trends. Thomson Reuters is going to grab feeds from Twitter and StockTwits. The charting application will give financial professionals a clear picture on the volume of positive and negative tweets around a listed company and give technical analysis that enables them to spot market and company-impacting events as they happen. Thomson Reuters will also give a rolling average score for news sentiment to over 30,000 listed companies.

“Behavioral finance is an area of increasing interest in financial markets. However it has been difficult for human traders to keep pace due to the sheer volume and detail of data and the need to interpret it and spot trends immediately,” stated Philip Brittan, chief technology officer and global head of platform for Financial and Risk at Thomson Reuters. “With the addition of this sentiment data to Eikon we are combining our unique content and insight with innovative visualization and analytics tools. This is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we plan to do to turn qualitative, unstructured text into quantitative and actionable insight for our customers.”

The Thomson Reuters Eikon service already offers foreign exchange (FX), fixed income, commodities, equities, and derivatives information. It is used by over 200,000 financial professionals.