Thomson Reuters Prepared To Launch Financial Video-On-Demand Service

Posted Mar 2, 2009

Thomson Reuters is announcing tomorrow that they are launching a video-on-demand (VOD) service for financial service clients.  Clients will be able to search for thousands of videos and transcripts from Thomson Reuters’ archives.

?We?ve created something completely new here,? stated Devin Wenig of Thomson Reuters. ?This is meant for the 550,000 financial professionals who have a Thomson Reuters screen on their desks.?

Thomson Reuters is not creating the service to compete head-on with CNBC or Bloomberg TV, but rather to make their financial services more attractive.  Each video will have a transcript and clicking on a portion of the transcript will automatically fast-forward to that portion of the video.  A number of clients have already signed on for the video service including Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Argus Research.

[via NYT]