Thoora Arranges Popular Stories On Blogs, Tweets, and the News

Posted Sep 22, 2009

Thoora is a new service that is currently in private beta that aims to one up Google News and Techmeme. The service will take popular news articles shared on Twitter, blogs, and traditional media, and then arranges it in a tag cloud format. Instead of paying attention to the authority that a blog or news source has, it will focus on how unique the content is.

Thoora will find the links from news that had just been broken, assuming it is interesting and then feature those posts. Then users can find out how many people are linking to it. The categories will be broken down by Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment, etc.

The company was founded in March 2008 and is based in Toronto, Canada. Thoora has $4.1 million Canadian in funding from Rogers Corporation. The company is run by Mike Lee, Chul Lee, and Nyla Ahmad. Thoora indexes content from 4,500 mainstream media companies and 80 million blogs. Thoora demonstrated their product at the TechCrunch50 conference.