Those Pets Are Cute As Hell

Posted Mar 19, 2009

Erick Laubach, founder of travel social network Driftr has started a new service with a catchy name.  The new social network is for people to post pictures of their pets.  It doesn’t matter if its a cat, a dog, a hamster, a horse, a guinea pig, a rabbit, as long as its Cute As Hell.

The pet social network has profiles, photos, comments, etc.  Other services on the site include pet adoption, cuteness ratings, and a pet store.  There is also a feature called Thunderdome.  Thunderdome is similar to a bracket-style voting tournament.  You vote for pets to go inside the Thunderdome and those two battle it out.

The service launched this past Monday and since then over 1,600 photos were added and 200 comments left.  The social network will earn revenue through advertising and affiliate sales.

[via CenterNetworks]