Thoughts and Prayers For Minneapolis Bridge Victims

Posted Aug 1, 2007

I moved to Minneapolis, MN within the last two months. Never had I thought that such a catastrophe such as what happened early this evening would happen so close to my new home. My brother sent me a text message around the time when it happened and I had no idea. Then my uncle called and informed me to watch CNN. The bridge is within a few blocks from my apartment.

My thoughts and prayers are with the injured victims and for the 7+ that have passed away along with the families and friends that were affected.

The I-35W bridge collapsed during rush hour and about 50 cars ended up in the Mississippi River. Miraculously, a bus carrying children from a church group did not fall into the river. Some of the children had injuries and were rushed to the hospital.

There is an event tonight at the Holiday Inn Metrodome for those who want more information regarding the incident. More information is also available at the city of Minneapolis website:

Update: The bus carrying the children actually was half-on/half-off the collapsed bridge, but all 60 of the children made it out through the back door. About 10 of them went to the hospital.