Three Canadians Charged After Shooting At Ducks, Evidence Found On YouTube

Posted Aug 12, 2009

Three people in Canada were charged for firing at ducklings on a pond from a vehicle. They uploaded the incident taking place itself on YouTube. The three individuals were immediately charged 16,000 Canadian dollars ($14,500). The police were notified about the video by a bunch of tippers calling the anti-poaching hotline. The three hunters are from Cudworth, Saskatchewan.

The three were charged with careless firearm usage, allowing game meat to spoilt, and hunting waterfowl even though it was not in season. The three were also charged for illegally hunting migratory birds with a rifle. One of the individuals was charged with firing a gun from a vehicle.

The three were identified as David Fraser (30), his brother James Fraser (23), and their brother-in-law Jeremy Rowlands. The three plead guilty earlier this week to 15 counts of violating wildlife protection laws.

David said that at the time they did not know it was a crime. They also did not know that bullets ricocheted off the water. They posted the video online because they thought it was funny. In one scene, one of the shooters fired numerous shots at a duck causing it to become severely dismembered.

[via AFP]