Thrillist Gets 45% Of Their Revenue From The JackThreads iPhone App

Posted Mar 16, 2013

At the F.ounders conference, Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer announced that the JackThreads iPhone application is responsible for about 45% of their overall revenue.  Lerer revealed this number to indicate that companies must adapt to a mobile-centric world.  The company switched over to a mobile-first strategy in the past few months.

Thrillist started off as just an e-mail newsletter at first.  Now Thrillist is generating around $40 million in revenue per year.  The JackThreads iOS app is doing better than the Android app, but their Android app is not yet as robust.

?Our mobile-first strategy is a reaction to success we were seeing ? we didn?t lean into a hot buzzword. We were web-first or email-first or not-mobile-first for a very long time, and over the past several months ? and it has been this recent ? we?ve seen such a shift in audience behaviors that instead of playing catchup, we decided we should be first movers in mobile,? stated Lerer.