THX Sues Apple For Sound Technology Patents

Posted Mar 16, 2013

Sound company THX has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple.  Apple allegedly used THX’s speaker technology for the iPhone, iPad, and iMac.  The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in a San Jose federal court.  The lawsuit revolves around a patent called “Narrow Profile Speaker Configurations and Systems.”

This patent covers setups for directing sound from a small speaker or speakers towards a narrow slotted opening to product the best sound quality possible.  The patent abstract states that the speaker units might be “integral with or attached to electronic appliances such as desktop computers or flatscreen devices, or may be used in automobiles or other contexts.”  The products in question include, but are not limited to the iPhone 4 and later models, iPad, and iMac products.

THX is an audio and visual reproduction standard for movie theaters, home theaters, computer speakers, car audio systems, and gaming consoles.  THX Ltd. was created in 2001 when it spun off from George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm.  THX was named after Tomlinson Holman, the creator of the technology and the X stands for “crossover.”