TicTail receives $8 million in funding

Posted Feb 18, 2014

TicTail is a DIY platform that has received $8 million in Series A funding led by Thrive Capital. TicTail is similar to Etsy as they help make online storefronts easily accessible by do-it-yourselfers.


TicTail will be using the funding to open a New York City based office. TicTail has hit 35,000 stores on their platform. The company hit 5,000 stores in 2012 and 23,000 stores in the summer of 2013.


?The differentiating factor is the ease of use ? not only to just set up the store, but to carry people through the difficult tasks that come next,? stated TicTail CEO and co-founder Carl Waldekranz. ?Unlike our biggest competitors Tictail is not a tool, it?s a community.?

TicTail users can sign up and start a storefront right away. TicTail takes a 30% cut on add-on sales.

[Source: TechCrunch]