Tim Cook Says Netbooks Don’t Deserve Apple Brand

Posted Apr 23, 2009

“For us, it’s about doing great products. When I look at netbooks, I see cracked keyboards, terrible software, junky hardware, very small screens. It’s just not a good consumer experience and not something we would put the Mac brand on. It’s a segment we would not choose to play in.”

Tim Cook made the above statement during Apple’s earnings call yesterday. Clearly Apple has a whole isn’t very fond of the whole netbook market. But they may very well be working on a tablet computer.

On the earnings call an analyst asked about the return of Steve Jobs. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said that Jobs will be back in June as planned. The company has made about $8.16 billion in their last quarter and is sitting on $28.9 billion in cash. The company has also just hit 1 billion in application downloads.