Time To Analyze The Microsoft Laptop-Hunters Lauren Commercial

Posted Mar 28, 2009

The new Microsoft advertising campaign focuses on bashing Apple’s product prices. This may work well for Microsoft because we’re in the middle of recovering from a recession. In the commercial, Lauren revealed that there is only one Apple laptop under $1,000 and it has a 13″ screen. For less than that, Lauren was able to find a better Windows-based computer and it had a 17″ screen.

In the ad, Lauren ended up spending $699.99 on an HP DV7-1245DX. Joel Domingo asked PC Mag laptop lead analyst Cisco Cheng whether they had one of those in stock, but it turns out that he said “DV7? That’s an old laptop.”

Sure Lauren was able to get a old PC on the cheap, but you can also do that with Apple laptops too. As a matter of fact, the team at Pulse 2.0 attained a MacBook for about $500 on eBay in order to look into Mac software development.

Regardless, Microsoft found a way to retaliate against Apple’s biggest weakness in an entertaining way. It really is payback time for the way that Apple hammered on the features of Vista with the Mac vs. PC advertisements. I think it would be funny to see Microsoft make a commercial that makes fun of Apple fanboys directly.

[via PCMag]