TIME.com to Unleash New UI and Blog

Posted Jan 6, 2007

Richard Stengel, a Managing Editor of TIME.com, wrote about how the times are changing and how technology is evolving at TIME.com. The first change that TIME has made was that TIME magazine would now be released on Fridays instead of Mondays because subscribers were complaining that they would have to put off reading the magazine until the weekend. The most awaited feature of TIME is that the website is getting a new ‘face-lift’ starting Monday, January 8.

The new TIME website will still remain within the red borders. The main differences will be that the site will cater to some of the photographs that TIME employees have taken and there will be a new TIME blog called The Ag which will aggregate stories from daily newspapers and other blogs. There will also be a History section that will have today’s news reflect historical events that are in context.

A Law section will also be added and will be written by Reynolds Holding who was a former executive editor and is a lawyer of Legal Affairs. In the upcoming week, Holding will be looking into the correlation of right to privacy and freedom of speech in the context of e-mail spamming.

Another section that will be added is The Power of One, a report about how individuals can make a difference in their communities and the world. Jeffrey Sachs, a director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute will be a contributor to this new section. In the upcoming week, Sachs will be writing a piece about how to take steps in getting rid of malaria in Africa.

Judging by Alexa rankings, CNN.com is taking the lead of the preferred news source over TIME and these new steps that are being taken such as adding a Law section and blogs could be TIME’s way of climbing a few more steps as well. Currently, Sphere is powering TIME.com’s ‘related blogs’ entries: