Tinder is developing a self-destructing photo feature

Posted Jun 5, 2014

Popular mobile dating app Tinder is working on a new feature that makes it work more like Snapchat. Tinder lets you connect with singles nearby only if you and the other person “like” each other’s profiles. Now Tinder is launching a new feature that lets users share photos that expire in 24 hours with old and new matches, according to¬†TechCrunch.

Self-destructing photos were made popular by Snapchat. Now Apple will be integrating similar features into its messaging app when launching iOS 8 this fall. Tinder will let users show different sides of themselves beyond profile pictures.

After taking a photo within the Matches section, the app will push it out to all matches. Recipients can like it or ignore it. Tinder users will be able to add captions, filters, and drawings to photos. Sharing “Moments” with others will add a new way to connect with potential partners.